Tiago da Silva - Rates


Location Sound

SERVICES: Location sound mixing, and boom operator.

  • $400/day rate* (12 hours)
  • $200 equipment fee/day
  • $6,000/month rate* (Twenty 12 hour days)
  • $3,000 equipment fee/month
  • $300 for mixer/recorder rental
  • $50-150/ea for microphone rentals
  • $50 for (2) wireless lavalier kit rental

Music Composition

SERVICES: Music composition, music recording and production, mixing and mastering.

  • $300/minute running time (for MIDI only)
  • $800/minute running time (for 5 musicians at $100/musician)
    • + $500/8 hours recording time with Tea Farm Recordings
    • 10-20 minutes of music can be recorded in an 8 hour block
  • $2,000/10 minutes running time (for MIDI only)
  • $4,000/30 minutes running time (for MIDI only)
  • $12,000/feature film** (for MIDI only)
  • $21,000/feature film** (for 10 musicians, Six 8 hour-long recording sessions, engineering, mixing and mastering)

Audio Post-Production

SERVICES: Sound design, dialogue editing, foley, and final soundtrack mix in both stereo and 5.1 surround sound.

  • $40/hour or $200/minute running time
  • $30/hour or $9,000/hour running time
  • $25/hour or $15,000/feature film**


* Two-person sound department option: $600/day rate (12 hours) for two sound department members; one sound mixer, and one boom operator. To ensure consistency throughout, a dedicated boom operator (Cabel Adkins) is recommended, which allows Tiago's full attention to mixing the audio inputs. The long run result is higher overall quality assurance, and less pressure and fewer constraints, and fewer working hours leveling audio clips in post-production.
** At least one full month required in order to complete the project.